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I am on a journey -like you, I'm sure. A personal journey, a spiritual journey. A journey about passions, growth, and living. I don't have a good memory, but I value my experiences. It's very strange when you realize that you are being shaped constantly, but ultimately only remember some of the reasons why you are the person you're becoming. I find that when things resonate within me, writing about them helps me to better develop my opinions about them, and to remember them. Sometimes, it's the simple act of looking back and reminding myself where I've been that is all I need to move forward with confidence. That's why I write. Thank you for joining me.

Friday, May 6, 2011

When I wake up

My hair looks like this:

flat in the back from sleeping on it....
these ones are really looking good!
they are curling in all different directions.
some are big, some are small. Some are tight, some are loose. (Sounds like a rhyme from Dr. Seuss!)

Please excuse my "dust". This one is coming along.
I love how thick my locs look. Just the size I want :)

Yes, I have a fluffy pink robe. What's wrong with that?? :)

I don't think you can see it in any of the pictures, but I have a lot of dead ends. What's up with that? How am I supposed to trim them? Or will you not be able to see them if the ends lock up? I'm not too thrilled about them. Makes me look flaky or dirty even when my hair is clean...

I am going to get my hair done tonight. I'm scheduled for a latching, though I'm not sure how that's gonna work with my hair in the state it's in. I'll let you know what April says. And of course, I'll be sure to post pictures.

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  1. I, too, love the thickness of your locs! The back locs are the funnest (yay, I said funnest) and I do love how they curl :)