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I am on a journey -like you, I'm sure. A personal journey, a spiritual journey. A journey about passions, growth, and living. I don't have a good memory, but I value my experiences. It's very strange when you realize that you are being shaped constantly, but ultimately only remember some of the reasons why you are the person you're becoming. I find that when things resonate within me, writing about them helps me to better develop my opinions about them, and to remember them. Sometimes, it's the simple act of looking back and reminding myself where I've been that is all I need to move forward with confidence. That's why I write. Thank you for joining me.

Friday, April 22, 2011

.what an incredible gift.

On Good Friday, to prepare for the celebratory mood of approaching Easter Sunday, I like to spend time in thought. It is sometimes impossible for me to comprehend the love that was shown on this day so many years ago. So, I have to stop and reflect on what happened, who I am, and who God is. Have you ever watched The Passion of the Christ and then thought to yourself, "wow, the discomfort that I just felt for the last two hours has nothing on what Jesus had to endure for an entire day." And aside from the physical pain, how much sadness and hurt He must have felt after being betrayed, and while being mocked by people that He loves so much. Not to mention fear. Well....maybe not fear exactly, but anxiousness at the knowledge that, as a man, a human man with blood, skin, sweat, emotion, and tears, He was going to be tortured and killed. I can't even imagine.

And why does He subject himself to this? Because of love for us. That's crazy. I mean, whoa. God loves us so much that He conquered death for us. And not in any light, easy, run of the mill way. He suffered. I mean really suffered. He suffered and died, and then rose from the dead, so that we might live. Seriously?? I mean, who are we, that God would save us? That is some powerful stuff.

Let's talk forgiveness. Let's talk Grace. Let's talk love. This is where the introspection begins. Ask yourself these questions:

In what ways have I really tried to show anyone real love? How?

When was the last time I admitted that I need saving?
Am I holding a grudge? Is there a hurt that I can't let go of? Why not let it go?
When did I last forgive someone that I loved?
Has anyone betrayed, mocked, or hurt me? How did I show them love?
Think of the best gift you've ever received, or a time you wanted to do something wonderful for someone you thought the world of. What was it?
We are not perfect. But when you think about what God did so that we might be connected with Him, how can you not strive to be someone who shares the Good News in their life and in their (re)actions? I know that I am guilty of being (very) human. I am quick to anger, but also quick to forgive. I am idle, and much less devoted than I want to be.  How can I be more like Him? Through patience, and practice, and love. And time in the Word, learning His ways, and practice and then more practice.

So, that's the goal. To aim to live a life like His. A life He would be proud of. I will never reach that goal, I know that. But it's still my aim. I will start by remembering what He did for me, and for us. I will reflect on the magnitude of his gift. His perfect life was crushed, and He overcame death, because He loves me. I mean really loves me, in a wonderful, powerful, unbelievable way. And He loves you, in that same marvelous way. Now, that's what I'm talking about- a savior. There is no other word that sums this weekend up for me. He is my savior. He can move mountains.

Happy Good Friday, everybody! And come Easter, rejoice!


  1. Wow, what a POWERFUL post! Sometimes I forget how much Jesus suffered for us. Especially in times when I feel that I am suffering and asking, "What did I do to deserve this?" I think suffering is a part of walking in faith, a test to determine how strong your faith and trust in God really is.

  2. I really enjoyed this!! I share the same view on how i need to really strive harder to live a life so that Christ's love will be shared with others.