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I am on a journey -like you, I'm sure. A personal journey, a spiritual journey. A journey about passions, growth, and living. I don't have a good memory, but I value my experiences. It's very strange when you realize that you are being shaped constantly, but ultimately only remember some of the reasons why you are the person you're becoming. I find that when things resonate within me, writing about them helps me to better develop my opinions about them, and to remember them. Sometimes, it's the simple act of looking back and reminding myself where I've been that is all I need to move forward with confidence. That's why I write. Thank you for joining me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

If I had a mood ring, it would be confused...

I woke up feeling defeated, with a grimace on my face. Everything that I'm worried about, upset about, hurt over, ungrateful for- was on my mind this morning. The evil one was after me big time. Instead of trying to identify the source of these thoughts and overcome these feelings of bitterness, I dwelled on them. It was one thing after another- and not just in my head.

I got in the shower, and the gurgling noises started coming from below my feet. It was the devil! Ok, maybe not, but it was creepy. And, sure enough, the shower backed up and started filling up with water. Yuck.

I got out of the shower, dried off, and prayed. I prayed for patience, level-headedness and clarity. I prayed that I would be grateful for the trails I face, that I would see past them, that I'd learn from them, but mostly that I'd overcome them. I prayed for a feeling of gratitude, escpecially on this Chrismas Eve. A day that will end with family and togetherness, despite what it may start out like.

And then I asked my friends (via Facebook) to pray for me too. And boy do they work fast! I figured everyone would be at home sleeping, but some folks, somewhere, must have been praying for me, cause my reactions and mood changed drastically.

My kitty had left me two nasty hairballs. Whatever, no big deal. I picked them up, threw them out, patted her little head and went outside. Frost covered my windshield. So I sat in the car, truned on the defroster, and prayed in silence until I could see out the windshield. I passed a cowboys fan on the way into work- at first I was irritated at the sight, and then felt so foolish that I burst out laughing. The office is out of sugar and hot cocoa. No biggie. Black coffee it is. My coworker said it was going to be a big sales day! Which made me laugh just as much as the cowboys fan. But, surprisingly, the calls are coming in. And the daily puzzle on my calendar was a maze that had no solution. Weird.

Anyway. I'm feeling better. Trying to make light of the fact that I'm in the office on Christmas Eve. Trying to prepare my mind for my first Christmas with my husband. Trying to be productive without working too hard. And trying to remember why we have this holiday to begin with.

It all began with a gift.

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