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Thursday, March 3, 2011

freshly groomed

So, this is how I was looking this week. Uber fuzzy, but I don't really mind it. And actually, the more research I'm doing, the more I am thinking I you will see me looking like this regularly. But I'll get to that in another post, after I am closer to being cofident that I know what I'm actually talking about and getting into.

Here's a close up of my roots. I am about 5 months in. It's a good view of what length my hair will be when I chop off the twists next month!
A little too much flash, below, but this is the same day as my retwist. Looks much neater. There's definitely scalpage going on, but only really at this angle.

This is the next day, after having slept with my scarf. See, less scalpage from this view.
Nice and tidy
Ok, so that's what I'm looking like right now. My hair as grown quite a bit since Septemeber, hasn't it?

Oh, and April loves this "loc" of hair:

I do too. I've shown it to you before; it's the swirly one that's all my hair. It's doing it's own thing.
I am going to miss it when I cut my hair. How crazy would it look if I kept that one strand? Lol.

Well, my friends. That's it as far as the hair update. I feel like I itch more the couple days after the retwist. Do y'all notice that too? Maybe cuz it's pulled a little tighter. But I'm trying so hard not to touch my head so I can keep it looking neat.
I've got some other hair stuff on my mind, but I'll save them for anothe post. Stay tuned!

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