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I am on a journey -like you, I'm sure. A personal journey, a spiritual journey. A journey about passions, growth, and living. I don't have a good memory, but I value my experiences. It's very strange when you realize that you are being shaped constantly, but ultimately only remember some of the reasons why you are the person you're becoming. I find that when things resonate within me, writing about them helps me to better develop my opinions about them, and to remember them. Sometimes, it's the simple act of looking back and reminding myself where I've been that is all I need to move forward with confidence. That's why I write. Thank you for joining me.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wow, I have been neglecting this blog, and I am sorry! My hair doesn't really seem to be doing too much...(except confusing and frustrating me!)... so I have had n need to post. No real updates here. :(

I have lots of pictures for you to show you how my hair has progressed since I saw April in November of last year. It is definitely growing, and I can feel it locking up. It still looks like a frizzy, curly mess to me, but i think it always will have some frizz. I know a lot of it is because the ends aren't sealing and are still curly. But I don't mind it, and believe it or not, I still get complements on my hair all the time.

These are from this morning...

So, as you can see, though it is growing, my hair doesn't look that different. If you could touch it, though, you'd see that the newer sections of hair are in fact locking, thought they are still frizzy. I'm gonna stick with it though. I have only retwisted maybe twice this year... maybe. But I do interlock the new growth periodically. I think because my hair is so soft, I will have to keep doing that as it grows... I might retwist in the next week or so, and I'll be sure to post pictures if I do!

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  1. Keep at it!!!1 My hair is a frizzy hot mess too! But i'm getting there!