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Friday, July 15, 2011

Deathly Hallows part 2

So,  last night,  we saw it all end.  It was awesome. I did squirm a little at some parts that were not true to the book,  but overall,  it was a win in my opinion. Very well done!
We saw it in IMAX 3D,  which made some scenes of beauty really pop! I am ready to see it again, (not in the wee hours of the morning,)  to really scrutinize it,  as is my tradition.
I only got a couple of pictures,  and none of our full group of 8 people. You can see I was in my (usual) getup. Ravenclaw patch adornedcloak, with a Ravenclaw tie, complete with shield pin. Last year I gave away my snitch necklace, otherwise I would have worn that too. I got a "Ravenclaw love" shoutout entering the theater,  but this year,  my attire shadowed in comparison to the throngs of witches and wizards that were there. There were many more than I expected.
While we were in the theatre,  killing a couple hours until the start of the movie,  the theater employees performed a funny, surprise skit. Nothing special,  but it got lots of laughs and made the evening that much more memorable.
So that was the last midnight showing for me. Bitterswet,  but worth it all. When we left the movie,  there were tons of people queued up for the second showing of the night/morning. We saw one person dressed up and on crutches, who walked out of the first movie,  and to the back of the line for the next showing. Now that's love.

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